The European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA)

ECIA was founded in February 2012 during the Innovation Festival in Milan, Italy. A new policy initiative, ECIA is an open platform that combines policy learning with 8 concrete actions on innovation vouchers, better access to finance and cluster excellence & cooperation in order to develop and test better policies and tools for the creative industries. The initiative was set up by the European Commissions Enterprise & Industry Directorate- General with 6.75million euros support under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP). It will culminate with the publication of policy reccomendations in November 2014.

ECIA's overall aim is to shape a community in Europe that actively supports creative industries as a driver of competitiveness job creation and structural change by developing and testing better policies and tools for creative industries.

Definition of the Creative Industries:

In ECIA the definition adopted was that proposed by the EC in the call text on ECIA and the Green Paper on Creative Industries.

The term "creative industries" refer to a range of economic activities, which deal with the generation and exploitation of knowledge and information. They comprise businesses that deal with the creation, production and/or distribution of creative goods, services and the integration of creative elements into wider processes and other sectors. They build upon a rich and diverse core of cultural heritage and skilful arts and other creative crafts and practitioners, supported by entrepreneurial and innovative services bringing creativity to the market. Creative industries thus provide products and services in sectors such as publishing, media, software, consultancy, advertising, arts, entertainment, design and architecture.

Many of these sub sectors are commercially orientated and part of other sectors. The common element is that they deal with the creation, production and or distribution of goods and services that are strongly based on creativity.


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