Our Vision

The Celtic crescent regions harnesses a unique blend of European cultural traditions noted for their tenacity and creative resilience. Innovation, integration and cross border dynamics will, by 2020, secure the competitive edge of these regions marking them out as one of Europe’s most creative places to do business.

Our Mission

Our mission was to increase the competitiveness of the North European Periphery by strengthening its capacity for innovation through linking creative industries with business, creative industries with each other, and creative industries with appropriate public bodies in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  

Our Objectives

  1. To test the ability for up to 40 creatives to successfully solve innovative or creative challenges for up to 40 businesses. 
  2. To engage creatives through events, and from that grouping to enlist up to 200 creatives to a new transnational Creative Directory, resulting in those creatives being able to collaborate more effectively into the future, and through this mapping increase their access to the European marketplace.
  3. To demonstrate the skill of local authorities in the development of a more innovative and creative Europe, through the successful achievement of objectives one and two.
  4. To contribute to the wider goal of positioning the Celtic Crescent; namely the regions of Ireland North West, Northern Ireland and Scotland, as thought leaders in harnessing creativity for driving the economy.

Read and download the final report; Brokering Creative Advantage

News & Features

Brokering Creative Advantage; key findings from the 4CNW Programme