The Region

The Celtic Crescent

The Celtic Crescent region stretches from the Atlantic coastline of North West Ireland to Northern Ireland and into Scotland. With 7 million inhabitants they are among the oldest, most culturally significant and dynamic regions of North Western Europe however, like the rest of the world, there is a realisation that existing ways of creating value for society and business is changing. Traditional industries are changing and new ones are emerging.

Ireland, like its neighbours in Northern Ireland and Scotland, is a small country and can increase its international competitiveness and create growth by working collaboratively, drawing on its creative strengths and distinctive cultural resources.

Drivers of growth and prosperity

Research has shown that the creative and cultural industries are drivers of growth and prosperity which can offer added value and employment in the future. The creative sector also contains many of the skills and assets that are needed if businesses are to succeed and adapt to a world that never stands still.

The Creative State North West worked with public bodies in Northern Ireland and Scotland to develop an innovation eco system, that positions the Celtic Crescent region as a place that offers bespoke creative solutions, to help businesses compete in the global marketplace. This was achieved by improving cooperation between sectors, supporting the development of new networks and mobile platforms, increasing creative skills and competencies, and promoting the role of the creative and cultural industries in stimulating demand for innovation in the wider economy. 

A Regional Broker Network was been established, with Brokers appointed to deliver the programme in Northern Ireland (Barney Toal of NORIBIC) and Scotland (Carol Sinclair at the Cultural Enterprise Office) The Creative State North West Project Team coordinated the overall implementation of the 4CNW pilot programme and also acted as the Broker for Ireland North West.

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