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4CNW Talent is a new fund to encourage Businesses to collaborate with a Creative Partner

We invite Creative Suppliers to register their interest in accessing the fund by applying for the 4CNW Creative Directory and business support programme today. Applications will remain open until the 8th March 2013 at 12 noon.

Businesses in the Agri-food, Life Sciences, Technology and Tourism sectors from Ireland North West, Northern Ireland and Scotland will be the beneficiaries of the talent voucher award (valued between €1,000 and €5,000). Businesses will use this voucher to commission the services of a creative professional who can offer new areas of expertise to help solve a particular business challenge.

The Business applications will be assessed by an expert panel with successful businesses required to match the grant awarded, creating a commissioning pot of up to €10,000 per project. The Creative Supplier ultimately selected by the business to solve their challenge will be paid directly by them, and both parties will agree the contract in advance.

The Creative State North West is leading and implementing 4CNW Talent across Ireland North West, Northern Ireland and Scotland. While we are delivering 4CNW directly in Ireland North West, we are working in collaboration with local Brokers in Northern Ireland (NORIBIC) and Scotland (Cultural Enterprise Office) who will deliver the programme for us in those regions. 4CNW is one of 8 European projects set up to encourage the use of creative thinking as a powerful business tool.

Discovery events for businesses and creatives are being held in January 2013 to give all interested parties further information. Please follow the links below to discover more about the event in your area:

To apply for the 4CNW Directory as a Creative Business you must fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • Be a creative business (for examples of creative businesses see here)
  • Have your business address in one of the three participating regions of  Ireland North West, Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • Be able to demonstrate a track record in your primary creative field
  • Provide examples of working successfully in a collaborative environment
  • Be able to offer a creative service to client industries
  • Be informed of the aims and objectives of the  4CNW programme and adhere to its ethos

If you think you might be eligible but are not sure, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Shortlisting & Assessment

The selection process will be overseen by an independent expert creative panel and representatives from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The Panel will meet on the 21st March 2013 to review applications and select up to 200 creative suppliers from across Ireland North West, Northern Ireland and Scotland for profiling on the 4CNW Creative Directory.

All applicants will receive notification of the results by the 2nd of April 2013.

4CNW Creative Directory

The 4CNW Creative Directory will be published in June 2013. The Directory is a dynamic, searchable database, available as a mobile application and online, and will be used to help Creatives find each other, and to help them to be found by the broader business environment in their region and beyond.

The Directory can be used by public agencies and businesses in the wider economy looking for a creative partner to help solve a business need. It will be promoted and disseminated widely within business networks, forums and professional associations within Ireland North West, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

If you think you might be eligible but are not sure, please read our FAQs

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