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Crowdfunding for the Creative Industries - How to Grow webinar

02 January 2013 — EventsEurope

Crowdfunding for the Creative Industries - How to Grow webinar

How to Grow, the European platform for Creative Industries, is hosting a free webinar at the end of January which will focus on an increasingly popular way of getting finance: crowdfunding. Part of a series of webinars called ‘Finance for the Creative Industries’, this particular event will introduce you to most of the platforms listed on Howtogrow, including CrowdAboutNow, voordekunst, meet&seed and Seedrs.

Successful business cases from each platform will also share their experiences with this way of obtaining funding for their project.

This online event takes place on Mon 28th and Tue 29th January 2013, and the programme will be updated regularly, so stay tuned to the event page for updates.

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VINCI awards vouchers in Austria to 20 SMEs

20 December 2012 — EventsEurope

We were delighted to read about the awarding ceremony that took place in Austria last week for one of our fellow ECIA Voucher programmes; VINCI. There are 4 voucher schemes within ECIA; ourselves (4CNW), VINCI, (Austria) FAD-INS (Barcelona) and +Innova Creativity (Basque Region)

VINCI are probably the most similar to ourselves, in that they use matchmaking to pair Creative Suppliers to SME's, awarding vouchers of up to €5,000 in value.

VINCI awards vouchers in Austria to 20 SMEs

The awarding of the vouchers took place in Salzburg on 12th December 2012, in the presence of almost all of the 20 awarded SMEs, together with their respective creative service provider.

In addition to the official awarding of the VINCI Vouchers, the participants were also been informed about how they will have to proceed in the next months in order to make the most of the value of their Voucher. We look forward to hearing more about the upcoming collaborations and sharing their experiences with you at The Creative State.

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Meet Creative Europe

12 December 2012 — OpportunitiesEurope

With a proposed budget of €1.8 billion (an increase of more than 35%) for the period 2014-2020, Creative Europe aims to reach all strands of Europe’s creative industries, as well as millions of citizens.

The European Commission has stated that:

Creative Europe would promote and safeguard cultural and linguistic diversity and be a much-needed boost for Europe’s cultural and creative sectors, which are a major source of jobs and growth and greatly contribute to social inclusion. 

Creative Europe also proposes a new financial guarantee facility (to which the European Comissision would allocate more than €210 million), which would enable the cultural and creative sector to access up to €1 billion in bank loans.

The Commission’s proposal for Creative Europe is currently under discussion in the European Parliament and the European Council.


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