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Grandma’s Design - Revisiting Europe’s Baking heritage

04 January 2013 — OpportunitiesEurope

Grandma’s Design - Revisiting Europe’s Baking heritage

We love this idea that we heard about on How to Grow - a new creative project called "Grandma’s Design" which is designed to preserve and revitalise Europe's traditional baking traditions.

They've invited a whole host of grandmothers from Belgium, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey and asked them to share, and tell the tale, of their favourite local recipe. Not only that but they've filmed them cooking the recipe, so you can hear all about grandfather Angelo from Beppa - now a grandmother herself - while she talks you through the recipe for Happiness Cake in gorgeous italian - with subtitles - with super shots of her locale, or Corn Bread from Turkish great grandma Gulizar - who doesnt even remember how many grand children she has exactly, but still bakes a mean bread.

With over 70 Grandma's filmed on the site, the project doesn't only want to preserve the hertiage however, the "Design" part of the project is the contemporary aspect. They are inviting food designers to depart from the grandma’s original recipe to create a new (baking) concept or product. In other words, the soul of the grandmother’s recipe and story will be passed on and renewed through a contemporary design product. 

The Grandma’s Design competition is open to all professional designers and they can choose from five food design categories. A professional jury will evaluate all applications and decide on the winners and honourable mentions in each category. More information and competition regulations can be found at

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