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Brokerage Explained — Brokers Perspective

Brokerage Explained

4CNW will provide successful applicants to the 4CNW Talent fund with access to a unique and specialised Brokered Matchmaking Service. Research has shown that effective brokerage and matchmaking, which facilitates the introduction, exploration and selection of creative partners is key to successful project collaborations, but what is Brokerage?

Brokers are essentially “middle-men” who communicate, and act between, buyers and sellers, in this case creative supply (the “sellers”) and industry demand (the “buyers).  The term has come from the American financial sector where to broker a deal is to communicate with both the buyer and seller to determine and agree upon a contract.  Brokers are increasingly being referred to in the innovation and industry sectors, where the term refers to the middle man that brings two parties together and assists them to communicate and agree on the optimum brief and needs for the project they are about to engage in. 

4CNW also offers a bespoke matchmaking service, where the unique knowledge of the project team and expert panels will be used to assess specific business needs and make recommendations about the best creative skills to match these needs. Local “Brokers” will arrange for the selected businesses to meet their recommended shortlist, of up to three creative service providers at matchmaking sessions. Following these ‘pitching’ sessions (where the creative supplier pitches their offer) businesses will choose their creative partner(s) to deliver the project collaboration. The Creative Suppliers proposed for introduction to businesses will be selected from the 4CNW Creative Directory.

Meet the local brokers for Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland (pictured above).

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