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Gordon Ryan — Creative Perspective

Gordon Ryan

Designer Gordon Ryan founded Applied Sense Design & Architecture in 2007, a flexible project-tailored design company, delivering full Architectural Service along with Creative Project Management for both domestic and corporate clients.

Hear Gordon speak about his experience of the 4CNW programme in the short film below


For this 4CNW Innovation challenge Gordon was invited to carry out an aesthetic and architectural review of the organisation that took into consideration their audiences, their programme of activities & services, their administration, and overall vision. This work involved consulting with the full team and board on their design and access issues, as well as staffing issues and public perception of the organization.  Gordon presented a series of new, creative designs with an aim to resolve the organisation’s challenges.

Gordon approached this challenge by inviting staff to discuss and offer feedback on how well the building currently allows them to excel in their roles. Public feedback which had already been gathered by The Model, was reviews alongside a careful examination of The Model’s 5-year strategic plan.

The interior space was re-designed with new allocations of function in certain key areas.  External signage and information was also integrated into the project plan. New Road signage was designed for use in the city centre and all approaches to The Model.  Significant changes will now be implemented over the following year or two, with a view to adding value to the visitor experience, and raising revenue through shop and service sales.

‘It’s been an honour, to work on a building an public service that I have known and loved over the past ten years of living in the area.  The Director [Seamus Kealy] along with the rest of his team, are determined to develop the national and international reputation of The Model being an absolute must-see public arts centre and gallery. This has been a gem of a project. Changes will be subtle, but essential for the greater success of the business”


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