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Mary McAuliffe — Ireland North West Broker

Mary McAuliffe

Mary McAuliffe is the Broker for The Creative State's 4CNW programme in the North West of Ireland.  A local government employee working with Sligo County Council, Mary is currently assigned as Programme Director of The Creative State North West Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Coordinator of the 4CNW Business Innovation Support Programme. Mary has over twenty five years experience working in the public sector. Previous roles include, Arts Officer, Waterford Corporation, Head of Arts, Sligo County Council, Project Leader, Creative Sligo Initiative and Project Manager, The Greenfort Cultural Regeneration Strategy. Professional qualifications include MA European Cultural Planning, De Montfort University, Leicester UK, Post Grad Dip. Arts Administration, UCD and BA Rel. SC Mater Dei Institute, Dublin.

Mary represents the Council on various Boards and specialist committees.

Sligo County Council/Creative Sligo Initiative

Sligo County Council has a long tradition of investing in the arts and cultural development and working successfully with artists and creative businesses in the North West of Ireland and further afield.  In 2009 the Council’s Arts Department proposed the Creative Sligo Initiative, which was adopted as a high level strategic action by Sligo County Development Board in the review of their plan for integrated economic, social and cultural development. The Creative Sligo Initiative provided a flexible framework to be developed, with stakeholders, into a longer term plan for supporting cultural and creative industries in the North West Region of Ireland.

Creative Sligo objectives include; enhancing the visibility of the creative and cultural industry sector in the North West of Ireland; addressing issues of economic scale and access to the European marketplace for the creative and cultural industries; providing a ‘test-bed’ for collaborative action between creative, private and public sectors focusing on the creative industries and cultural tourism; and, finding new ways to translate ideas into products and services though investment in experimentation, by enabling access to financial supports, and tailored programmes that meet the needs of cultural and creative industries.

Sligo’s successful 4CNW Bid for funding under the European Creative Industry Alliance in 2011, has enabled the Council and the Board to deliver Creative Sligo objectives. Furthermore, it has facilitated new connections with public bodies in Northern Ireland and Scotland with a view to developing an innovation eco system, that positions the Celtic Crescent region as a place that offers bespoke creative solutions, to help businesses compete in the global marketplace.

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