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Peter Martin — Creative Perspective

Peter Martin

Peter Martin creates high quality films and has a wide client both corporate and in adventure sports. Much of his work has ‘gone viral’ resulting in global attention. Peter also specialises as a Director of Photography on large scale motion pictures such as the upcoming feature ‘Black Ice’.

For this 4CNW Innovation Challenge, Peter needed to meet the needs of a growing global organic beauty company, VOYA. Due to rapid expansion the company is currently experiencing, the challenge was comprised of various simultaneous needs.  Peter prioritized these disparate requests and devised a series of different film treatments with a premium aesthetic.

From the outset  Peter says there’s been "a great working relationship with the company”. This strong relationship is evident in the resulting work which illustrates the unique organic materials and harvesting techniques that create VOYA’s beauty products. Peter has also produced instructional & training film material for the growing number of luxury spas world wide, including The Hilton Hotel Group and The Ritz Carlton now using VOYA products.

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