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Sharon Eastwood, Woodrow — Business Perspective

Sharon Eastwood, Woodrow

Woodrow (formerly Woodrow Sustainable Solutions) is an environmental consultancy that offers a number of services in the environmental sector. These include ecological surveys and impact assessment for infrastructure projects.  In particular the company has developed a speciality in the assessment of wind farm impacts on bats and are at the forefront of some aspects of this in the Republic of Ireland.

The business knew they needed to review how they communicated their message to their customers and also knew they needed external expertise to do that effectively.  4CNW Talent awarded a talent voucher to Woodrow to engage a designer – David Quinn from Avenir to undertake a rebranding exercise for their identity, and also to advise them on the remodelling of their website.

The company felt the project allowed them to make progress very quickly, and that the insightful questions asked by the designer caused them to take a fresh look at their business and direction.  They have since renamed their business to the simpler “Woodrow” and have re-engaged the designer to redesign their website - - which went live in 2013, and to develop targeted promotional material.

In addition to taking on a new employee to develop phone apps, they are also considering taking on another member of staff to deal with the increasing demand for their survey services.

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